Who are we?
What's our plan?

Hedera Monkeys is a collectable NFT project centered around community, creations, and growth. Each Hedera Monkey lives on the Hedera network as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) made from a variety of traits randomly generated to create 9,999 individual monkeys. Hedera Monkeys come in an vast range of colors, traits and personalities with a simplistic timeless appeal.

Owning a Hedera Monkey allows you to vote on community-driven features and events. This makes our community roadmap to be decided by the project founder and Monkey holders via the MonkeyFund. The MonkeyFund will be funded by 30% of mint revenue and 25% of royalties from future secondary sales. These funds will be used to support the future of Hedera Monkeys.

Our Long Term Goals


Social Growth

To ensure long term growth, the goal is to achieve a larger social audience. With a solid plan, continuous art releases, and a strong community it's an easy goal to achieve.


Artist Drops

Select holders will receive free artist drops created by Kolp in preparation of "KW". From 3D animation to manga and everything in between, it will be practiced and given away.


Barrel Raffels

Hedera Monkey drops will be associated with designated barrels. Holding a monkey within a certain barrel will determine your odds in giveaways, treasure hunts and airdrops.


Apparel Drop



"Monkey Palace"



Launch Of "KW'


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As a collective we can harness our energy, creativity, and passions to make our voices and ideas heard.

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